Google Translator MSN

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Automatically translate your MSN conversations



It's not only a small group of MSN users who usually know people from abroad, in fact there are lots and lots of people who usually know people from other countries and who speak different languages. That's the main problem, the language, but here we have the solution to your communication problems.

Google Translator MSN is an script for Messenger Plus Live that allows us to translate what our contact is writing simultaneously. We'll be able to read in our language what our contact is telling us, but that time in our own language.

Choose the language combination and spread the word because now you will not have any barriers to meet new friends. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Polish,... It's easy, just install Google Translator MSN.

Of course we will be able to translate what we write and send our messages when translated so our contact will be able to understand us. Press F5 to translate what you have written.